Collection: EcoFurnz Weta Collection

Inspired by one of New Zealand's best known insect species the weta, this unique collection of furniture has been expertly produced with the contemporary environmentally conscious consumer in mind. As with all EcoFurnz products, this collection has been locally designed and manufactured in North Canterbury using sustainably produced bamboo panels and environmentally friendly New Zealand made oils and adhesives. In keeping with our innate desire to preserve our beautiful natural environment, the EcoFurnz Weta Collection items are compostable in industrial grade composts when they reach their end of use. Items available at this stage to order from this collection are: Weta Table and Weta Rest. Note: There is also a small weta wall art creature available from the NZ Critters Collection. Additional items from this collection under development include: single bed, bedside cabinet, lampshade (lantern) and wall shelf. Please contact us if you are interested in any of these items. Other EcoFurnz products which can be combined with items from the Weta Collection can be found in the Frieze, NZ Critters and Tree Collections.