About Us

We are a fledgling design business wishing to put a smile on the face of all recipients of our ideas. 

We are committed to do all we can to improve our environment and our impact on it. We are also lovers of New Zealand's unique and fantastic ecology and this drives our approch to designs. 

We noticed that there was little in the way of furniture and decor that reflected NZ flora and fauna. We saw this as an opportunity. 

Dave has a degree in Three Dimensional Design and a passion for furniture. Exploring the possibilities of good design combining NZ native species icons and environmentally sustainable production is a fundamental motivator. 

Research to find environmentally safe matereials has led us to bamboo panels supplied to us from Singapore via 'Plantation Bamboo'. This material features very low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) which combined with 'Natural House's' oils allows us to promote end of life industrial composting of our products. This is made all the more possible because our product designs have no metal hardware such as screw and hinges. 

We hope that you will enjoy and at least appreciate our ethos.

Caring for your EcoFurnz furniture and wall decor

The EcoFurnz furniture and wall decor designs primarily use bamboo panel materials. As with timber or wooden products, variations in colour can be expected. These variations can be due to climatic or environmental conditions as well as changes over time. Exposure to sun, heat and humidity can each cause changes in materials including bamboo. Our products are intended for use indoors and in a fairly normal domestic environment unless otherwise stated.Our designs are finished with an environmentaly safe oil from 'Natural House' who are based in Motueka New Zealand. Our products are likely to dry-out over time and a fresh oil recoat is recommended each year.

Some simple tips to care for your EcoFurnz products:

Avoid placing in direct sunlight.

Remove liquid spilages immediately, blotting rather than rubbing.

Use coasters.

Place items away from heat sources such as radiators or fires that cause dramatic fluctuations in temperature.

Dust with a damp cloth in the direction of the material grain.